Date Difference Calculator App Reviews

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For what i need

Works Great

This app is great for calculating the number of days between two given dates. I use the interval feature that lets me find a date 45 days out from the current date.

Différent dates

Trank Very use full Interesting having a tap on the current Line in the middle of the wheels to enter automatically the current date after chanching Maybe chanchings the coulors of the wheels dépend on the size of the différence between two dates Clever job

Count down

This App is great for helping me count down the time left on my contract! I would be lost without this calculator.

Love the app, hate the ads

How about I pay .99 to get the app without ads???

Clean interface

Instant results, simple one screen interface. Can calculate difference between 2 future dates. Wish list: option for results to be in yrs-months-days for lengthy differences. Option to save results and keep one date static-ie birthdate.

Date Calc

Very easy to use. Thanks

Excited application <3

This is a applicaton that i need Its easy to use and so fast to count days Update to try new functions Many thanks ^_^

Great App

I use the app to help calculate angles at work. Thank You.

Outstanding app

Does exactly as promised. Elegant design. Excellent app.

Date Difference

Calculated the number of days, but not months between two dates.

Great App!

Fun to use.

Very useful! Awesome app!

I use this to schedule reoccurring maintenance at work. It will even add a event on the calendar! 2.0 Update is great!

Great app, very useful

Excellent app. Has come in handy numerous times

Good app

Its a very useful app. My one complaint is that the add/subtract feature only counts up to 999 days.

My second review. 5 Stars

Been in contact with the developer and this app will only get better. I use it every day! Get it! On 2/28/15- I dont know if its from his updates or my discovery as a user, but this app rocks to 5 star level! Not complicated, doesnt need to be. No frills or funky fonts, borders or icons. Simplicity rules. Keep up the good work!

Good app

Very usefull...!!


Great app! No fuss: it does what it should in a very Simple, straightforward, and handy way. I cant recommend it more highly.

No more counting grievance timelines

Perfect! As a union steward, I no longer need to go through and calculate probationary periods and grievance timeline.

ILove it!

I just really like how its really specific and easy to use. I cant stop using it.

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