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Date Difference Calculator

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This app allows you to quickly and accurately find the number of days between two dates. Whether you use it for work or to find how many days until your closest friends birthday - this app will do the job!

Simply select the date you want to change and spin the wheels to choose the month, day, and year. Theres also an option to include the first day, if needed. The dates can span months or years, it doesn’t matter, the days will be accurately updated in real time!

The "Add/Sub" page allows you to find which date is a chosen amount of days away. If you want to subtract an amount of days from today, select today in the "end" box and enter how many days youd like to subtract. The same goes for adding days, except you enter the starting date in the "start" box. Keep in mind that the selected date (start/end date is darker grey when selected) is the date that will change.

If you have determined an important date and need to save it - no problem! Just save the date to your devices calendar. You can save either the start date, all of the dates in between, or the end date.

If you want to see many common intervals from a date at once, go the the “Intervals” tab. Change the start date using the “Date Difference” tab or use the “Today” button; then select the interval and the end date will update to reflect that interval. Plus, it returns to the “Date Difference” tab to allow any additional calculations or to save it to your calendar.

The app works on any iOS device and has been optimized for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Check out the preview videos below to see it in action.

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